This winter, stop ice dams for good

December 29, 2017 | Air Sealing, Ice Dams, Insulation

Ice dams can really take a toll on your house, particularly when you’re dealing with Wisconsin’s severe winter weather. They’ll ruin roofing, cause structural damage around roof edges and let in water that causes mold and mildew while wrecking ceilings and walls. Ice dams form easily in the right conditions, but you can avoid them just as easily with proper insulation and air sealing.

What Causes Ice Dams?

Your attic should be almost the same temperature as the air outside. That means it should be pretty chilly up there in winter. Here’s why: If your attic is warm in winter, it will heat up the roof. A warm roof melts snow, which causes water to run off toward your gutters. There is less warmth at the edges of your roof, so as the runoff approaches the edge, rather than dripping off, it freezes again and creates a dam. It puddles on your roof, gets under the roofing, and leaks into your walls. Until the weather warms up again, this scenario happens repeatedly, making matters continuously worse and causing more damage.

ice dams

Stop the Cycle with Air Sealing and Proper Insulation

Proper air sealing, to keep warm air from leaking out of your home, and insulation, to keep heat in your living area, will ensure your attic stays cool in winter. It will also keep the hot air that builds up in your attic on hot summer days away from your living space.   Insulation combined with air sealing will not only prevent ice dams from forming but also provides these benefits year-round:

Increase Your Comfort

Stop drafts and enjoy a higher level of comfort when you keep warm air from escaping (or the heat of summer from entering) your living area.

Save Money

Once your home is insulated, your heating and cooling systems will use less energy getting your home to the temperatures set on your thermostat. That translates to savings on your monthly utility bills. Rooms will heat up (or cool down) more quickly and stay that way longer, giving your system—and your wallet—a break.

A good roof, combined with professionally installed insulation, can further prevent the risk of ice dams.

What If You Already Have Ice Dams?

If you have ice dams on your Ashland, Wisconsin area home, don’t try to remove them yourself. Breaking up the ice can cause even more damage to your home and it can be dangerous work. At KV Tech Construction, we have the tools and experience to safely remove ice dams for you. We’re also uniquely equipped to help repair any damage your roof may have sustained, and we’d be happy to talk with you about insulation and air sealing to prevent future ice dams. The certified experts at KV Tech can help homeowners from Hayward and Spooner to Cable, Bayfield and Superior, make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. We’re prepared to take your project from start to finish and help you on your way to more comfortable winter.

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